A Five Billion Dollar Project
for Permanent World Peace through the
Invincibility of Every Nation

Our planning has its basis in the discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law through the different disciplines of modern science. (Please refer to Appendix A)

Our plans to crown the national consciousness of every country with the qualities of integration, affluence and invincibility are based on 12 different approaches.

1. HEALTH—providing prevention-oriented health care without harmful side effects. (Appendix # 1)

2. EDUCATION—providing total knowledge and enlightenment to everyone. (Appendix # 2)

3. AGRICULTURE—providing healthy organic food grown without poisonous chemicals. (Appendix # 3)

4. ARCHITECTURE—providing Fortune-Creating homes and offices without the sick-building syndrome. (Appendix # 4)

5. ADMINISTRATIONproviding administration on a par with the orderly administration of the universe—Natural Law administers the infinite diversity of the Universe with perfect order. Our guiding light is the application of the scientific discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law. (Appendix # 5).

6. TRADE AND COMMERCE—providing affluence to every nation and eliminating imbalance in the family of nations. (Appendix # 6).

7. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY—providing mistake-free path for reliable achievements—putting the ambitious aspirations of everyone and every nation on the royal road to success (Appendix # 7).

8. LAW AND ORDER—providing mistake-free action to individual life in order to create an integrated, positive, and invincible national consciousness, rendering the administration of society free from punishment. (Appendix # 8)

9. RELIGION AND CULTURE—providing fulfillment to all religions by aligning individual life with the supreme value of evolution, the light of almighty God. Fundamentally, this requires the life of every nation to be in conformity with the traditional culture of the country, emerging from the unique geographical and astronomical conditions of each nation. (Appendix # 9).

10. POLITICS AND ECONOMY—providing fulfillment to politics and economy by finding a common basis to both—politics that differentiates and economy that unifies—living unity in diversity, actualizing invincibility. (Appendix # 10).

11. DEFENSE—actualizing invincibility in practical life on all levels of individual and national life. (Appendix # 11).

12. COMMUNICATION—providing communication highlighting the steps of success and fulfillment in the life of the individual, structuring integration and invincibility in national consciousness, and permanent peace in the family of nations—the supreme goal of all communication. (Appendix # 12).